Illegal Immigration


Your Money is Being Stolen

Now illegal immigration seems to be a very very touchy subject for a wide variety of people. Even though there’s all this controversy surrounding the subject, I’m going to get into it. I’m going to explain to you, in detail, why you really need to be made aware of what’s going on in this country and why letting illegal immigrants into the country is so bad. Believe it or not, this is costing you a bunch of money that you need for yourself or for your family.

Illegals and Healthcare

After having worked in the healthcare industry for a number of years, I can tell you first hand, just what a headache this causes and just how much of your money is being stolen from you. Now, more than ever, illegals are given so much more freedom and rights than you can imagine. Illegals are able to be protected under human rights to be seen, treated and cared for at any hospital in the USA, and I agree that every human has a right to be treated for health reasons. However, a hospital stay or doctor visit costs money for those who are uninsured.

Insurance companies within the USA are obviously not going to cover illegal aliens that reside here due to the fact that simply, they are not authorized to be here. Illegals tend to be very crafty in getting on our benefits such as “charity care.” Charity care is for those who can’t afford health insurance or can’t afford to pay the hospital bills or provider bills on their own. Now, let’s say an illegal has a family member that’s legally residing within the USA; they often take their social security number and name, or any ‘working’ (not a dead person) social security number (could even be YOURS) and they will use it to apply for most ‘charity care’ organizations and that does two things; it allows them to receive free healthcare (wouldn’t that be nice, taxpayer?), and it allows them to steal another person’s identity, which can cause to plenty of headaches for an individual who is looking to buy a house or even a car or establish credit.

Charity care does not come free (although it does to those who need it… including the illegals). It comes at a cost to the United States Government. Major programs such as Medicare generally fund these Charity Care programs with their money. Where does Medicare money come from?? YOUR PAYCHECK. That’s right, if you are a valid US tax-paying citizen, just as I am, you’re paying for illegals to receive free healthcare on YOUR dollar. It kind of makes me sick and you should feel the same way. Don’t believe me? Head down to your local clinic in a more ‘rough’ area and see for yourself, or get a job within a healthcare organization or charity care just to see the ridiculousness that goes on.

Record keeping is also another issue. Now that this illegal has used someone else’s identity, a duplicate record, or even YOUR record will now have that illegal’s case and or visits associated with, especially if it’s within network (often times, IT IS.) As someone who formerly worked with medical records, I can’t tell you just how many times I saw the same social security number with slightly different names and dates of birth attached to it… Obviously, these were cases of SSN (social security number) distribution… Oh yeah, they can take your social and pass it around like it was the latest strain of the swine flu. (Are you aggravated yet?)

Automotive Issues

Well, now that you know JUST how easy it is for an illegal person to get FREE HEALTHCARE in this country, just imagine how easy it is for them to get behind the wheel. That’s right, there are thousands of them driving on roads that you probably drive on every day. The issue with this, again is insurance. Auto insurers are generally more vigorous with whom they insure and often you won’t find duplicated SSN’s or stolen identities under an auto insurance policy fortunately.

This still creates a MAJOR problem! Now think, thousands of uninsured drivers are on the road (if not millions) every day, so what makes illegals different? Okay, let’s say you’re at a stop-light and an illegal in a minivan or any car that they usually buy, isn’t paying attention (they generally don’t have US licenses either, but common sense would tell you that as well) and they rear-end you pretty hard. You ask to see their insurance, well, they don’t have any. The police will come, more than likely impound the car, ticket the driver for not having insurance or a license and then have them picked up. YUP, since there was no death, most officers will NOT arrest an illegal on the spot for driving without a license, because of due-process, etc… You can guarantee that the said illegal will be given a court date, but hey, why show up when they don’t exist in this country? That’s right, they don’t even show up to court. So now YOU have to pay YOUR deductible, YOUR insurance premium may rise and YOUR insurance has to pay for THEIR mistake! Unbelievable!

You may be thinking, how the heck did they get a car in the first place? Honestly, most illegals have legally residing family within this country and their family members will buy extra cars and register it under themselves or another family member, but will obviously not have the illegal person under their insurance if they have any to begin with. (S0, yes, even if the vehicle is insured, the person driving, if they are illegal, will NOT be insured and the insurance companies for that vehicle will NOT pay out to you.)


Ooooh, this one, people don’t even want to think about or acknowledge even. That’s right, TONS of illegals are receiving government-aid as we speak. They aren’t idiots, they got across the borders just fine and they know how to take an identity. Since there are so many loose laws regarding section 8 housing, and welfare and food stamps, etc… they are able to get this assistance just fine. I’ll go into that in a more detailed post, but if you don’t believe me, just do a quick search on it yourself, you’ll see just fine 😉

Now just how are these government-assisted programs funded? Again, they are funded with YOUR money! You, as a legally-residing, hard-working tax payer ARE contributing to these programs, and I agree as well that these programs should exist for those who GENUINELY need it, not illegals that just want to stay here because their country is terrible and it’s easy for them to receive this care.


In almost every town, now-a-days it seems that on the corner of the local hardware store or similar place, you see a bunch of “day-laborers” standing out and waiting to get picked up by someone that needs a task done, such as digging post-holes, putting up a fence, maybe even yard clean-up. I guarantee you that these people are illegal.

Why is this so bad? Well, let me tell you now. You work hard to keep what money you have, but then you end up paying LARGE percentage of your income to the government for taxes. These illegals are now working WITHOUT reporting any taxes, so they keep 100% of what they make and they are going to enjoy that very much. (So would I, and you and everyone else, I’m sure.) So now let’s get this straight, you’re paying taxes to aid these people that mooch off YOUR hard earned money, only to be making money themselves without paying a cent back or helping you? This is a crazy notion and the fact that it’s getting easier and easier in this country to be an illegal immigrant is just horrible.

Education and Housing

So, as you may be aware, President Obama has created “The Dream Act,” where ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS are able to attend our colleges and universities at a HIGHLY discounted rate when your children have to pay for YEARS just to receive the same education. Tell me, is that not just ridiculous that OUR OWN PRESIDENT acknowledges the fact that there are illegals in our country, and says “let’s give them cheaper education.” That’s not right and who makes up for the difference in cost? YOU DO!

As of June 2014, our president once again decided to bring over and hide / house THOUSANDS of illegals in almost each state of the United States of America without anyone’s knowledge, until he was hounded enough about it to come fourth. Who is paying for these illegals? You and me are and it’s making me sick as should it with you. Imagine having more money at the end of the week that you worked for, to have for your future, your family, yourself even. It’s not right!

Do Your Part

Collectively, as a whole, all legal tax-paying Americans SHOULD be calling up their governor’s office and their senator’s office and DEMANDING that something be done about this atrocity! Unfortunately, most of us are too lazy to pick up the phone. Also do your part and inform yourself about what’s happening to this country and VOTE for those who will actually make a difference and won’t pull these impeachable actions, while in office! Make a difference, not just for YOUR sake but for your friends, family and future family as well!

Now, I’m all for helping out fellow humans as much as possible, but when it’s costing me so much and potentially my freedom, something has to be done about it and it can only happen if you stay informed and start taking action!

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