Increasing Your Income



Expanding Income Sources

Well, if just “earning more” was that simple, there’d be a lot less financial stress on the world today. Don’t ever let yourself have the mind-set that your current employer should be your only source of income. There are multiple ways of earning more money from other sources than your “day-job.” Let’s talk about them below.

Finding the Extra Income Sources

There are many people who have to work either two or more jobs on a weekly basis to support themselves or others. Lots of people who don’t feel they earn enough to support their living habits will often turn to an online search to find out how they can bring in more ‘dough.’ The truth is, it’s a lot harder to find these sources than people think. More often than not, people fall for too many online scams that just seem too promising in ways that they can turn people from average to millionaires with seemingly little-to-no effort. You have to wise up and realize that when something is “too good to be true,” it always is. Ask anyone who is a self-made millionaire or billionaire (lucky SOB’s), they’ll tell you just how much work they’ve had to put in, to get to where they are today.

“Work From Home!” Online Scams

Unfortunately there are people who prey on how desperate others are to earn more money so they put together these websites that offer outrageous claims such as “I’ve made over 1 Million Dollars this Month Just by Signing up at THIS Website!” There are literally COUNTLESS numbers of these sites just waiting on innocent people like you. Don’t ever fall for their fake Paypal accounts or Youtube reviews. You have to understand that paying into a company that promises huge returns is basically the same thing as a “Pyramid Scam.” We’ll go more in depth of those later on (on one of my future posts, say hi to my future self!). In the mean-time an excellent source of finding out which ones somewhat work and which ones are just total cow manure is I’ve Tried That!┬áThe people there give their honest reviews about how they’ve been scammed so that you don’t have to. It’s worth a read to see what they are all about.

Choosing a Second Job

If you’ve read my previous article on “Setting Your Career Path”, then you already have a distinction on what a career is vs what a job is. It’s okay to have your main career and keep it, but then looking for a second job to earn extra money, doesn’t always mean you have to work 24 hours a day. There are other ways that you can earn money from home, legitimately. There are employers that will pay you to “telecommute.” If you are handy in the field of technology, there are so many LEGIT work-from-home, tech support jobs. There are also various others as well. Stay tuned on my blog for my list of “work-from-home” opportunities that are legitimate. I wish I could help and give you the keys to become a millionaire, which most people do desire, including myself, but there’s just no way to do it, without either winning money, inheriting it, or good, old-fashioned hard work.

If you need some extra encouragement, I suggest giving this title a read: Job Hunting for Dummies, 2nd Edition. This book will give you some sharp pointers that’ll really help you understand what to look for in a second job. There are some great tips that you should really look into.

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