Monetizing Your Passion


Where to Begin

The starting point of earning money for doing something you love can be hard to find. First you need to start off by finding what you like. That’s actually the simple step. Personally I enjoy fitness and making short videos. My love of fitness is what helped inspire me to start Hardcore Vitals LLC. Another thing I like to do is just take videos of what I’m doing or of a product I have, etc… I have launched a new YouTube Channel called Hardcore Vitals that will feature product reviews, supplements, fitness etc… It will become my main channel over time. 

Ways to Monetize

So you’ve found out what you enjoy, now why not get paid for doing it? It isn’t always easy to find the thing that you enjoy doing, showing up as a professional career or even part-time job. Well, if there isn’t a job to be filled by the thing you enjoy, then it’s time to create one! What?! Create a job? How do I do that?! Well, fortunately for you, we live in the age of Social Media and there’s plenty of ways to earn money now-a-days!


You can start a blog, similar to this one with tips or advice on the topic that you are profound in and absolutely enjoy doing! Monetizing blogs is easy now-a-days with programs such as Google Adsense and various other online advertisers that are willing to put their ads on your blog for targeting consumers! Blogs with rich, original and well-written content are GREAT online tools for people to gain interest in viewing their topics and creating a following. With your own blog, you can advertise your other sources of revenue as well for practically free!

Smile, you’re on camera!

YouTube has been around for a number of years now and people have gotten to the point where they make videos and publish them every day, but they do it so well that they made that their number one source of income. How awesome would that be? Film yourself doing what you love, or film your friends, groups, etc… For instance, if you love mountain biking, I’m sure you’ve got friends that do the same and wouldn’t mind if you film them during their sessions, along with your own. Once you have the footage, edit it a bit, make it presentable and upload it to YouTube. If you have an Adsense account (I’ll keep bringing it up, SERIOUSLY, GET ONE!) you can monetize any video that you upload (as long as you own full content rights!) Share it with your friends, share it on on your blog, Twitter or Facebook so you can get as many views as possible to earn as much money as possible! Youtube is usually very good at delivering ads to the right group so there’s maximum engagement on them.

Tweet about it!

Twitter has been growing very fast since it’s started up. You can share your videos through twitter to reach a large audience (it helps since Twitter is so high-ranking in Google and other popular search engines) You can even build a fan-base if you gauge enough interest. I’ll be posting ways of gauging viewer interest over the next few blog posts that I have.

Put your Face to it!

Almost all of your friends probably have Facebook and friends have other friends. This is great news because you can share your interest of passion with your friends and if they like it, get them to share it with theirs! You want recognition, the more views you have of your content, the better! You want to make sure that everything you share has some link to a monetized website or other source so that you can earn money with each view. Don’t forget these social media sites are all free as well unless you pay for advertising, but you’ll have to make sure that the advertisements are going to reach the proper audience to get the full benefit of your spending!

Work is Key

Just like anything else in life, you are going to have to work real hard, every day to earn your keep. Don’t let your slow success put you off either. The truth is, it takes a lot of effort to gauge the interest of other people and to build a fan-base or subscribers. Don’t be put off if you’re only getting a few views a day, you want to keep working hard at it to the point where you’ll be rewarded when you start seeing 100 views a day, then a few months later, 1,000 views a day and so on and so forth. Just like anything else in life, when you work hard and start seeing progress, you’ll get the sense of self-satisfaction and that’s the greatest feeling you can have (of course seeing some extra bucks come in helps as well 🙂 ) Work every angle you can at it and you’ll find the money coming eventually.