Gaining Visibility

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Being Seen

Getting visibility online isn’t always an easy task now-a-days due to the high volume of blogs and content out there and new content being posted every single day. There are ways to get your content seen and directed to the right people. As with most most success, it takes a bunch of work and you have to be willing to accept that results will come, but they will take some time.

Share Share Share

I’ve covered social media and it’s importance a bit throughout my other posts on here, but it’s imperative to realize the actual impact that social media has on site visibility and content visibility. You want your content catered to the right audiences all the time because your hard work needs to be seen by the people that you are trying to reach. Once you have your site or business in place, the best thing to do is share on all major social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Digg, Reddit, etc… the list goes on. It should become a daily task of sharing your hard work with the world. Don’t get discouraged and think that you may be annoying people by posting what you write, because the more you share and post, the more you gain visibility.

Another great method to use is creating a Facebook page for your business or blog, or whatever you are running online that you’d like people to see. Facebook pages allow for fans to subscribe to your page through a method that they already use on a daily basis. You should be writing up a brief synopsis of your blog article or of whatever content that you have and post the link to your Facebook page so people click on your link and start reading your blog or website.


Don’t worry about the negative image that hashtags are associated with due to teenagers hashtagging just about everything because they think it’s cool. Oddly enough, they actually serve a HUGE purpose. Every post on Twitter that uses a hashtag links that post to a series of other posts associated with that particular hashtag. For instance if I post this blog posting up and I use a common hashtag such as “#advice”, I’m actually going to be much more visible in my post because people are searching for those terms on Twitter and Facebook. Ah yes, Facebook now supports hashtags and it’s great because people can search for those same terms and come across your content with ease. Don’t be afraid to use them, they are a very helpful tool to use for your advantage. Mostly all major social media outlets use them now for gaining post visibility. Google and other major search engines index these hashtags as well, which can also lead to further visibility.

Paid Advertising

Nothing honestly beats good old-fashioned paid-for advertising. Advertisers are in business still because what they do works and it works well. For instance, you can now pay Facebook, YouTube and Twitter (other major outlets as well), to promote a post, your page, or anything you’d like so that they can deliver the post or content to an audience that has that same common interest. Don’t forget about asking popular websites if you can run an advertisement on their website, most of them will not turn you down if your content matches what they promote. Print advertising is still effective, as such is radio and TV advertising, although those methods are going to reach a larger scale of people, it will also cost more.

Grabbing the Moment

This one is usually by pure luck or by cunning ingenuity. If you have a post that goes viral and all-the-sudden, there’s an influx of traffic to your website, it’s the most critical time to capitalize on what was drawing people to your website. If, by chance this happens to you, keep posting along the lines of similar interest and watch, you’ll be amazed at the growing audience your website brings.

Don’t forget about my previous post “Snake on Lake Hopatcong.” The truth behind that is great! I really was up on the lake when I heard about a snake that had been spotted and the story kept gaining more attention. Well as you are aware, when “Bigfoot” was first “spotted.” there was no evidence and it was just a tale. I thought to myself, “geeze, there’s no photo of this thing?” Well what did I do? The old supply and demand. There was a clear demand for a picture of this thing, so I figured I’d be able to supply the first. I sure did and I posted it on Facebook, Tweeted the “snake’s” Twitter account and posted on some other websites. Before I knew it, the local news was contacting me asking for rights to use that picture that I fabricated. Honestly, gaining visibility was never easier. Also, all the people that liked and shared it only brought more to my website. If you’re already and avid reader, you shouldn’t have been shocked that I’d use a method like that to drive traffic. Don’t worry though, other popular websites like “The Onion” lie to people all the time to bring traffic, through their comedic satire, which is purely brilliant. So if you do find yourself an opportunity such as that, TAKE IT! I can pull of something like this because this blog is about how to gain visibility and how to make money online and that’s sure enough what I did!

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop a comment and I always reply with REAL help and REAL answers!

P.S. I didn’t go into SEO fully because I have a WHOLE entire post dedicated to that coming up real soon! Keep checking back for NEW content DAILY. Oh yes, you thought I had left… I have not 😉

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