Quick Update


Quick Update

So, if you’re a frequent visitor of this blog, you’ll notice I haven’t updated it in quite a while. Well, there’s a reason for it and a good one at that. I’ve decided to take on my own advice from this very blog and start a business and really focus at getting it going. It’s taking a ton of work, but I know it’ll be rewarding once it’s in full gear. My next post will be more in-depth about real experience with starting this current business that will help guide you to start your own.

Brief Overview

The company I started is called Hardcore Vitals LLC. I started the company with the main goal in mind of creating the BEST and most PURE dietary supplements on the market. The problem I had was that mostly all dietary sports supplements on shelves today are full of fillers, like rice flower and other cheap powders and only a small amount of active ingredients. I thought to myself, what if I make something that’s pure and contains no fillers whatsoever and price it to beat those top-selling brands? Well, I set out and started doing just that. You can now purchase these supplements on http://www.hardcorevitals.com! You won’t be able to beat the price for the effectiveness and purity of these supplements and vitamins.

Later on in the week, I’ll publish a post of what steps I took to start this company and how it’s being run, so hopefully you can take a look and realize what you have to do in order to start your own company and make financial independence a realization instead of a seemingly unattainable dream.

Be sure to check it out and share with your friends!


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